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Windsor-Essex Jane's Walk Festival


That's a wrap!

Thank you for making the 2024 Windsor-Essex Jane's Walk Festival a success!


Overtwo weekends, we explored 32 guided tours and events across 16 neighbourhoods. We met newcomers to the area, tourists, and longtime residents. We went to neighbourhoods all around Windsor and Essex County and learned something new.


Thank you to all our hosts who prepared amazing walks and events, taking time to share their knowledge and passion with the community.


Thank you to our community partners and sponsors who made this festival possible! Thank you to our volunteers who helped keep the walks running smoothly and looking good.


Thank you to all who attended and made it a success.


Stay connected with us on Facebook, our website and this newsletter for updates on future events. Thank you for being part of the 2024 Jane's Walk Festival. We look forward to seeing you again!



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