Jane's Walk 2022: Art Submission Guidelines

Updated: Jan 30

Windsor Jane’s Walk Festival 2022 (May 6-8) is calling on community members to host in-person guided walking tours or submit videos and digital artwork celebrating their neighbourhoods.

"Runner's Series No.1", oil and pastel on canvas by Anastasia Adams depicting Jackson Park

Submit artwork any time before the festival. Deadline for submissions is May 6 2022.

All videos and artwork will be released on May 6-8 2022.

Submit your work here or email submissions to Windsor Jane's Walk:

• For 2022, we are returning to in-person walking tours that must follow updated Health and Safety guidelines. Depending on what's happening in May, this may mean limited tickets, masks, and distancing. We will keep hosts updated on any changed.

• Anyone can be part of Jane's Walk. Don’t feel like you have to be an expert—adding local voices and a variety of perspectives makes for more dynamic videos and artwork.

Theme: Uncommon Landmarks

The 2022 Jane’s Walk Festival art theme is Uncommon Landmarks! Submit artwork about your neighbourhood's landmark (video, photography, poetry, prose, visual art, whatever!).

Everyone knows the big Windsor-Essex landmarks: the Bridge, Malden Park, the water towers, the marinas. But what is your neighbourhood's landmark? Is there a knotted old tree? A favourite convenience store?

For all submissions, please include:

• Your name

• Email

• The name of the neighbourhood

• Short description (max 3 sentences) of your work.

• Optional: social media handle or website

For art submissions:

Types of submissions recommended:

• Submit images as high quality .JPEG or .PNG

• Uploaded links to either a Youtube or Vimeo video. Please do not send video files.

• Upload audio to SoundCloud, Youtube or another accessible audio hosting site. Please do not send audio files.

Artwork will be shared on the Windsor Jane’s Walk website and social media.

Jane’s Walk is a volunteer-run, free festival with no corporate sponsorships or grants. We will not reproduce your work without your permission.

Windsor Jane’s Walk organizers retain the right to not publish artwork deemed off-topic or that violates copyright.

Please email all submissions to Windsor Jane’s Walk ( any time before May 6 2022 or through the submission form.

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