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Leamington: Rising from the Ashes

Friday, April 28, 2023

3 PM - 4 PM

Start/End Location:

John Street A Municipal Parking Lot
The parking lot across from Leamington United Church
John Street, between Queens Ave and Erie Street N, Leamington


Tammy Dewhirst

Affiliated Organization:

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Accessibility Considerations:

Easy walk (using sidewalks or paved pathways with no hills)

Walk Themes:


About the Walk: 

On May 14, 1883, a fire levelled most of the business district of the Village of Leamington leaving only two buildings standing. On this walk, we'll talk about the impact of the fire on the Village of Leamington and tell stories of the way the community reacted to the loss. We will discuss why there were so many devastating fires at that time in the area and around the midwest. We will discuss the steps that the Town Council and citizens took to rebuild and attract industry and the way in which the Village of Leamington rose from the ashes.

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