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Audio/Visual Walks

The Electric Slide(Show):
A Tour of the Windsor's
Electrical Grid

Do you know where your electricity comes from or where the wires that connect your home end up? Take this big-picture tour of the invisible and in-plain-sight electrical grid that connects us to the power that we rely on, to find out.

Host: Mita Williams

The Art and Architecture of Assumption Church

Walk through Our Lady of Assumption Church with Fr. Steven Huber. The current structure was built in 1845, was the one time See of the Diocese of London and is the home base of the oldest Roman Catholic Parish west of Montreal.

Host: Fr. Steven Huber
Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Windsor/Essex Branch

My Neighbourhood:
A Jane's Walk 2021 Video

I am a woman who views life from a different perspective as I navigate my neighbourhood in a wheelchair accompanied by an intervenor as I am deaf-blind. Let me show you how I connect to those in my community which may give you a new view of the West Side of Windsor & the Riverfront.​

Hosts: Sheena Kerr | Art from Sheena's Heart 

Art Space / Art Walk

The Art Gallery of Windsor will guide an art walk through the city, highlighting window displays that can be seen from the street at 4 cultural institutions, including Artcite Inc., one ten park, the Arts Council Windsor and Region and the AGW.

Host: Sophie Hinch

Art Gallery of Windsor

401 West: Portrait of the Region

401 West: Portrait of the Region features 20 artists from the Permanent Collection showcasing 73 works. Artists from the 1940s to present day explore aspects of the region through diverse media representing the cultural communities of London, Windsor, Chatham, and Detroit. A wide variety of painting, photography, sculpture and graphic arts are on view. Curated by Chris Finn. ​

Host: Sophie Hinch

​Art Gallery of Windsor

Illustrated Feature: Echo Building

The Doors of Heritage Podcast present an illustrated feature about the Echo Building. Built for the Amherstburg Echo, the building was their home from 1915 until they closed their doors in 2012.

Host: Robert Honor, Stephanie Pouget, Cindy Hazael-Gietz and Sarah Haefling

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Windsor/Essex Branch

Chanels and Channels

n the early 1920's Antoinette Chanel (sister of Coco) married Oscar Edward Fleming, son of former Mayor, Oscar Ernest Fleming. We will visit some of the sites that she would have seen and talk about the scene in the years after the war.

Host: The Book Girls

Ojibway EP7 Art JPEG - Walter Petrichyn.

The Greatest Steel Town That Never Was

The former municipality of Ojibway, Ontario was planned to become the Canadian Steel Wonder of the 20th century. What happened? This episode dives into that history. Episode 7 of the local history podcast Life in a Border Town."

Host: Walter S. Petrichyn | Life in a Border Town

Ward 7 Trail

This walk is hosted by the newest member of Windsor City Council, Jeewen Gill (Councillor Ward 7).

Alleys to Opportunity

There are over 80km of alleyways in the City of Windsor and they are slowly disappearing. Not all alleys are made equally, some should disappear, but the question is how can we better use these space to have positive impact in the City. 

Host: Frazier Fathers

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