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Volunteer for Jane's Walk

Jane's Walk Volunteer Opportunities

Walk Marshal:

Marshals help Jane's Walk run smoothly by assisting the walk leader to manage the group, carry flags, count heads, etc.  Marshalling is easy, and a marshal also gets to enjoy the walk experience as a participant.


Marshals give a short introduction to Jane's Walk and the walk leader, carry flags so people can see where the group is going, keep the group together, keep an eye on safety (for instance, at traffic lights), and report back to us after the walk on the number of people who come to the walk and whether everything went smoothly. 

If you would like to be a marshal, please complete the marshal volunteer form here

Record the Walk:


Help Jane's Walk become more accessible for those who attend physically attend the walks!

Record the walk on your own personal phone or camera. After the walk, upload the file to a designated drop box and it will then be posted on the Windsor-Essex Jane's Walk website and social media.

If you would like to help record any walks, please complete the volunteer form here

Note: All walks are listed in the volunteer form but any help is appreciated! 

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