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Skirmish at Sturgeon Creek with Chris Carter (Video)

Friday, April 28, 2023

Premieres at 12 PM

Start/End Location:


Author and Historian, Chris Carter

Affiliated Organization:

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario - Windsor/Essex Branch

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About the Walk: 

On July 16, 1814, the bloodiest encounter of the War of 1812 took place at Sturgeon Creek in Leamington, Ontario. The 28th Infantry Kentucky Riflemen led by Lt. Carlisle Harrison encountered the Indigenous Population on the shores of Sturgeon Creek. What they were doing there in unknown but by the end of the encounter an unknown number of native folk were killed and only one survivor remained of Lt. Carlisle's 9 - 12 (number unknown) Riflemen. Author and Historian, Chris Carter, takes us through the encounter. Jane's Walk Participants attending the Point Pelee Walk will cross right over the bridge at Sturgeon Creek. There are monuments at Mersea Park in memory of this event.

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