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Detroit From Afar: a walking tour of the skyline from Windsor

This tour is about Detroit from Windsor! Join us as we walk along the riverfront trail for some local history.

Detroit From Afar: a walking tour of the skyline from Windsor

Friday, May 6: 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Starting point: The pedestrian walkway located underneath the Ambassador Bridge (just north of the Riverfront Trail at Huron Church).

End point: The Canadian National Railway Ferry Levelling Ramps (on Riverfront trail just north / right across from the Rotary Club of Windsor Plaza). Or close to Goyeau Street at Riverfront trail.

Originally thought of for Jane's Walk 2020, Detroit From Afar will take the walking tour along Windsor’s riverfront to discuss the important buildings and infrastructure that makes up Detroit's skyline and river region. The tour will cover sites we can see, structures we can’t see, and uncovering past ways of being that showed our close ties as one region instead of two different cities.

Museum Windsor is proud to be involved with Jane’s Walk for the second time this upcoming May. Previous walking tours Museum Windsor has done includes: Walkerville, South Walkerville, Ford City, Riverside and Sandwich. If you are interested in Museum Windsor’s upcoming walking tours, please call 519-253-1812 or email at for more information.

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