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Tiny Home Tour in the Core! (Bike Ride)

This cycling tour explores newly built detached tiny homes (ADUs) in core neighbourhoods from the West End to Ford City.

Tiny Home Tour in the Core! Saturday, May 7: 12:00 - 2:00 PM Two hour bike ride geared towards adults with 6 stops.

Host: Sarah Cipkar/ Cipkar Development

Starting point: Intersection of Campbell and University Ave. West

End point: Ford City: Drouillard and Richmond St.

This cycling tour of tiny homes (ADUs) will take participants to half a dozen newly built detached ADUs in core neighbourhoods from the West End, Downtown, Glengarry, Walkerville & Ford City. With 6 stops along the way, participants will be able to see a sampling of different ADU builds and how they bring life to their surrounding neighbourhoods!

About the host:

In 2020, Sarah built her own detached additional dwelling unit (ADU) in the Windsor region. After falling in love with tiny homes of all forms, she developed '' as a proof of concept for Windsor, ON, as a way to help homeowners and policymakers have more information about where these units are possible. She is currently co-leading a national research project as part of CMHC’s Housing Supply Challenge, which is aiming to scale this online tool to approximately 100 municipalities across Canada. Sarah is a PhD student in the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto.

About the bike ride:

Bring water, snacks, and whatever one may need while being on a 2 hour bike ride! Approx. half the time will be bike riding.

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